If your dream is to becoming an independent business owner, obtaining financial freedom, or maybe you want more time to do the things you enjoy and spend more time with family and friends. Well this is a great opportunity for you.

 It doesn’t matter what experience or education you have as long as you have the drive and the willingness to learn you can build your success. By joining the Dreamteam you will receive great training tools to help with marketing through social media from Facebook to Twitter because let’s face it social media is changing the face of advertisement.

 So again if your dream is to be you own boss and trade in your 9 to 5 for you own schedule or any of the goals above this Wake Up Now business opportunity is for you.

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What is Wake Up Now?

Wake Up Now is a financial wellness software company that helps millions of Americans get out of debt and stay out of debt. Their mission is to help people save, manage, and make money all at the same time by providing everyone with amazing products, services, and everyday savings on the things you buy everyday.

 Here are just some of savings you can utilize:

  • Vacation Discounts of 50%-90%
  • Grocery Coupons
  • Exclusive Retail Shopping Discounts (Walmart, BestBuy, GNC, Home Depot, Macy’s & Over 1,000 Retailers)
  • 22% Discount on your Verizon or AT&T Cell Phone Bill (With T-Mobile benefits as well)
  • 3 Free Magazine Subscriptions of Your Choice (With over 150 popular ones to choose from)

But, Wake Up Now is a lot more than just a savings club. They provide software solutions for a better life. Included in the Wake Up Now membership are the following software products that can change the way you live your life:

TaxBot: Created by former IRS training and current CPA and tax attorney Sandy Botkin, Taxbot is an iOS, Android and web application that keeps track of your business spending. It is 100% IRS compliant and taps into your phone’s GPS system to track business miles driven as well as uses your phone’s camera to take pictures of receipts for filing purposes.

Wake Up Now Finance: A revolutionary program that integrates your bank accounts, credit cards, and sources of debt to create a plan to get you out of debt in half the time. This debt elimination software is what sets us apart from other money management software.

Tell Me More: Award winning language learning software used by the likes of Coca-Cola, Barclays, Adidas, Ford and other Fortune 500 companies for training their employees to learn a new language.

Invisus Protect: Whole identity monitoring and restoration services as well as virus protection for your PC and Mac.

How much does Wake Up Now cost?

You can get access to this software and savings for as little as $25 a month as a customer. Or if you just want to sign up for FREE you can become a preferred customer and get access to Wake Up Now’s marketplace. Here, you can purchase all products from Wake Up Now and receive an even bigger discount! The benefits you will receive as a customer are tremendous because you will get more out of every dollar you spend and at the same time money will be put back into your pocket.

How do I make money with Wake Up Now?

Making money with Wake Up Now is very simple. We could go into detail, but the video below covers the compensation plan and should answer your questions.

Here’s the basics:

If you enroll 3 IBO’s into your Wake Up Now business, your monthly membership is 100% completely covered.  When your 3 referrals also enroll 3 people, your income increases to $600/month of residual income. We call this B3H3G3 (Bring 3 – Help 3 – Get 3). As your team continues to grow past the team of 12 your income grows with it.

 Wake Up Now Compensation Chart




We understand that you might need more information in order to make your decision. Use the Contact form below to request more information and we will get right back to you.


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